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rev 12/17


  • Game length is 6 innings or 2 hours, whichever comes first. 

  • If an inning is not completed by the time limit, the score will revert back to the last completed inning. Coaches must agree before the game to continue to be played in lieu of the time limit before the game starts. 

  • Team enthusiasm is encouraged. All player chatter must be positive and directed only towards their team and their teammates. At no point can a team chant towards their opponent. Examples include "hey batter-batter swing", "slaughter rule", "yeap", etc. If a team communicates negatively towards their opponent, the team Manager will be warned. If the issue occurs again, the team will forfeit the game and the League Director will address accordingly with the team Manager. 

  • The umpire must stand behind the plate on every pitch. 

  • 15 run rule after 4 innings, 12 run rule after 5 innings 

  • Teams can score 5 runs per inning until the 6th inning which is 10. 

  • It is the umpires decision to call a game at any time due to darkness. Player safety is always the main concern. 

  • All other rules not addressed above are governed by Pony rules. 


  • No leading off or stealing. Runners must wait until the ball is put into play before they can leave the base. 

  • The baserunner will be considered a live runner at all times until the umpire calls "dead ball". 

  • If the ball is hit into the outfield the runner can advance as many bases as possible. However, if the runner is not halfway to the base before a “play” is made he must return to the previous base. If he is more than half way, he is a live runner and can be tagged/forced out. A “play” will be defined as when the ball is thrown back into the infield. The infield shall stand to mean the interior of the base lines, not the dirt portion of the playing field. This will be the umpire’s discretion. Ultimately, once the ball is thrown back into the infield, the runners will either continue 1 base or return to the previous base. 

  • Runners may not advance on an over throw to first base. Runners may advance on over throws to second, third, or home plate. 

  • Sliding into a base is allowed, especially to avoid contact with a fielder, except for going into 1st base. 

  • If a ball hits a coach in the field of play the batter gets 1st base and runners that are on base can advance 1 base. 


  • The batter may receive 8 pitches or five strikes before being called out. The batter cannot foul out (unless the final strike is caught by a defensive player).

  • The team must use a continuous batting order. If a player comes late they will be put in the bottom of the batting order. 

  • A batter cannot fake a bunt, retract the bat, and make a full swing.  


  • The coach pitches to his own team, from a distance no less than 20 feet and no more than 39 feet. He may kneel down or stand to pitch. 

  • If a batted ball hits the coach pitching, it is considered a foul ball strike and no runners advance. If a batted ball hits the coach pitching and in the umpire's judgement the coach touched it on purpose - the batter is out. 


  • Two defensive coaches are allowed on the field. 

  • Ten defensive players are allowed on the field. The pitcher must play even with or a step behind the coach pitcher. 

  • Each player must play two innings in the field. 

  • Players may re-enter the game in different positions, but must stay in the original batting order. 

  • Halfway stripes shall be used between 1st & 2nd, 2nd & 3rd, 3rd & home, to assist the umpire’s judgment in whether a runner is halfway to the base before a play is made. 

  • A pitching area must marked on the playing field. It will be marked as such – a chalk line at 20’ and 39’. 


  • A safety base must be used at First Base. Both sides of the base are in play for the runner and defender. If there is no safety base in place before the first pitch is thrown, the home team will forfeit the game. 

  • All Catcher's masks must either be Hockey Style, or have a throat protector. 

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